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Six Things to Stop Settling For As a Projector in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

One of the things I love most about human design is how actionable it is. There is so much we can learn about ourselves and begin to take action on based on our human design type alone, including where we may be settling for things that do not make us feel our best.

So today, I want to share six things to stop settling for as a Projector.

I am going to stop settling for…

  1. Relationships where I don’t feel seen and valued.
  2. Relationships that feel unbalanced and where I’m doing all the question-asking rather than sharing myself and feeling seen, too.
  3. Work commitments that require me to do, do, do and that will eventually lead to burnout.
  4. Work commitments where my perspective is not valued as the true gift it is and is not invited in nor acted upon.
  5. Invitations that don’t feel like a full-bodied yes and where I don’t feel authentically recognized and seen.
  6. Days that are full of doing and absent of rest simply because it’s what I think I should do. 

Instead, I am going to choose…

  1. To honor the natural ebbs and flows of my energy rather than lose myself in hustle and burnout.
  2. Connections where I feel recognized, appreciated and cherished for who I am.
  3. Success that feels sustainable and full of ease.
  4. To see and recognize my own value, and to stand tall in it.
  5. To accept that not everyone will understand and see me, but the right people will.
  6. Courage in sharing my gifts and my magic with the world.

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