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Superpowers According to Human Design Type

Erin Claire Jones

3 minute read

If there’s anything human design has taught me, it’s that we all need each other because we each bring such different gifts to the table.

So today, I wanted to share some of the unique gifts and superpowers of each human design type.

As a Projector, your superpowers include…

  • Your ability to see into people deeply and make them feel recognized and known.
  • Asking people the right questions and in doing so, helping them drop into their truth.
  • Your sensitivity to others and your innate wisdom about people.
  • Your ability to lead, teach, and guide others.
  • Your ability to offer a perspective that can be transformative, helping others evolve and do better in their work and lives.
  • Showing the world a new way of success – one that is about how powerfully you see, not how much you do, and one that is full of ease and support, not hustle and burnout.

As a Manifestor, your superpowers include…

  • Your ability to innovate, transform, and disrupt anything you’re a part of.
  • Initiating and bringing new ideas, movements, and ways of doing things into the world.
  • Your powerful and deep impact on the people and world around you.
  • Your courage to walk a new path, try something new, and show the world what’s possible.
  • Your ability to see the future and where things are going before others do.
  • Your capacity to remind the world that choosing authenticity over people-pleasing allows us to inspire and impact the right people.

As a Generator, your superpowers include…

  • Your ability to powerfully bring ideas to life, whether it’s your own idea or someone else’s.
  • The steady commitment, mastery, and depth you bring to whatever it is you do. 
  • The creative energy and vitality you bring to anything you’re lit up by and on fire about.
  • Your ability to uplift and power everyone around you with your warm, bright energy; you have the inherent ability to make those around you feel good.
  • Your ability to model the power of prioritizing your own satisfaction and joy, and how doing just that uplifts not only you, but the world around you. 

As a Manifesting Generator, your superpowers include…

  • Your ability to powerfully bring ideas to life when you’re lit up by them.
  • Finding the fastest way to make something happen.
  • Your strong connection to your gut feeling, and the flow that emerges when you trust it to guide you.
  • Your charisma, energy, and passion that uplift and expand everyone around you.
  • Your ability to move in between different projects and be a multi-passionate creative force, and to remind the world what’s possible when we release the need to fit into one box.
  • Reminding people of the magic of pivoting and that it’s never too late to reinvent ourselves and do something new.

As a Reflector, your superpowers include…

  • Your ability to see what’s not working around you and how things can be improved.
  • Your wise and invaluable insights.
  • Your unique attunement to what’s happening in the people, spaces, and world around you and your ability to see, sense, and feel what others miss.
  • Your innate wisdom and objectivity.
  • Your ability to express yourself in a multitude of ways rather than just one.
  • Your ability to remind us all that we are each unique and meant to do things differently.

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