Your Gifts as a Projector in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Today, I wanted to share a few notes on your unique gifts as a Projector. While there is so much in our design beyond type that can shed light on our unique gifts — our profile, channels, centers and gates, just to name a few — type is a great place to start.

I find the more aware I am of how differently those around me operate, the more I appreciate them and the more connected I feel to them.

As a Projector, your gifts are…

  • Seeing people deeply and recognizing their potential.
  • Asking the right questions.
  • Modeling a new, more easeful way of success, one that isn’t about working harder or doing more.
  • Helping others use their energy more effectively and offering a new, better way of doing things.
  • Being deeply sensitive to and wise about people, and leading, teaching and guiding others from that place.

To harness your gifts, it may be useful to…

  • Reflect on where in your life you feel the most recognized and seen, and where in your life you’re still seeking to be understood and don’t feel known.
  • Have a deep conversation with someone who makes you feel seen and treasured.
  • Tune into your body and what you truly have the energy for each day.
  • Take some time to be intentionally unproductive to rest and recharge.
  • Study and nourish yourself with information you love.
  • Be courageous and share your magic with the world, whether it’s online or with someone you love.