Your Gifts as a Reflector in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Today, I wanted to share a few notes on your unqiue gifts as a Reflector. While there is so much in our design beyond type that can shed light on our unique gifts — our profile, channels, centers and gates, just to name a few — type is a great place to start.

I find the more aware I am of how differently those around me operate, the more I appreciate them and the more connected I feel to them.

As a Reflector, your gifts are…

  • Being deeply perceptive and seeing and sensing things others might not see.
  • Offering an objective, wise and powerful perspective on what’s happening around you.
  • Reflecting back what’s working (and what’s not) and guiding people, teams and communities toward progress.
  • Being able to show up and express yourself in a multitude of ways when you choose to lean into your fluidity rather than resist it.
  • Reminding us that we’re all unique and meant to do things differently.

To harness your gifts, it may be useful to…

  • Reflect on the spaces and people that feel the best to be around as well as those that no longer feel good (even if they once did.)
  • Spend time in spaces and with people that uplift and treasure you.
  • Do something to make your living space feel even more nourishing.
  • Tune into what feels like the most authentic and alive expression of you each day.
  • Take space and time alone to reset and recharge.
  • Surrender to the magical flow of life.