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Your Superpowers As a Manifesting Generator in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

1 minute read

If there’s anything human design has taught me, it’s that we all need each other because we each bring such different gifts to the table. Today, I want to share some of your unique superpowers as a Manifesting Generator.

Your superpowers…

  • Your ability to powerfully bring ideas to life when you’re lit up by them.
  • Finding the fastest way to make something happen.
  • Your strong connection to your gut feeling, and the flow that emerges when you trust it to guide you.
  • Your charisma, energy, and passion that uplift and expand everyone around you.
  • Your ability to move in between different projects and be a multi-passionate creative force, and to remind the world what’s possible when we release the need to fit into one box.
  • Reminding people of the magic of pivoting and that it’s never too late to reinvent ourselves and do something new.

To help harness your unique superpowers, it may be useful to…

Release any tendency to shrink in your power or try to fit in. Remember that others may not always be able to keep up with you or do as much as you, but you don’t need to shrink to make others comfortable. Instead, honor how expansive and uplifting your energy can be for the right people, and choose to turn your energy and passion up all the way.


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