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Your Unique Gifts with a 1 Profile in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Our profile in human design speaks to how we’re each uniquely wired to manifest our purpose, and sheds light on relationships, how best to share ourselves with the world, and more.

Your profile is made up of 2 numbers (for example, you can be a 1/3, a 5/1, or one of many other possible configurations), and both numbers that make up your profile apply to you. Today, I wanted to dive into the gifts of those with a 1 in their profile.


Those with a 1 in their profile are gifted at going deep, investigating, and becoming a true expert and authority we can all rely on and trust. They are curious by nature and thrive when they have space alone to cultivate their knowledge and when they feel they are standing on a solid foundation. It’s important for others not to throw anything on them without giving them the space to dig deep into it themselves first.

More Gifts of the 1 Profile…

  • Their insatiable curiosity and desire to go deep and understand it all.
  • Their ability to build a strong foundation of knowledge in whatever they love most.
  • Becoming an expert and authority that others can turn to and trust.
  • Inspiring others with their deep knowledge and how much they know.
  • Seeing the truth quickly.

So if you have a 1 in your profile, let your curiosity guide you; what you feel most curious and excited by is exactly where your energy is meant to go. Your curiosity is your superpower and is always pointing you in the right direction.


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