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Your Unique Gifts with a 2 Profile in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Our profile in human design speaks to how we’re each uniquely wired to manifest our purpose, and sheds light on relationships, how best to share ourselves with the world, and more.

Your profile is made up of 2 numbers (for example, you can be a 6/2, a 2/5, or one of many other possible configurations), and both numbers that make up your profile apply to you. Today, I wanted to dive into the gifts of those with a 2 in their profile.


Those with a 2 in their profile are gifted at bringing an innate talent to whatever they do and at letting their natural gifts guide them. They may not always be conscious of their gifts because they come so naturally. It can be useful for others to let them know what they see in them and encourage them to share their gifts with the world. Pulling away to be in their own space and flow is how they recharge and cultivate their innate talents.

More Gifts of the 2 Profile…

  • The innate genius and talent they bring to whatever they do.
  • Their ability to do things differently, in a way they may not always be able to explain.
  • Reminding the world that ease can be a compass.
  • Teaching us all the importance of time alone as a way to recharge and cultivate our gifts.
  • Modeling ease, flow and harmony to the world.

So if you have a 2 in your profile, let it be easy; what feels easy and natural to you is exactly where your energy is meant to go. Let go of the belief it must be hard, and choose to lean into what comes innately to you instead.


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