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Your Unique Gifts with a 6 Profile in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Our profile in human design speaks to how we’re each uniquely wired to manifest our purpose, and sheds light on relationships, how best to share ourselves with the world and more.

Your profile is made up of 2 numbers (for example, you can be a 4/6, a 6/2, or one of many other possible configurations), and both numbers that make up your profile apply to you. Today, I wanted to dive into the gifts of those with a 6 in their profile.


Those with a 6 in their profile are gifted at taking the higher view, inspiring trust in people, and modeling authenticity. Their wisdom is innate and deep, and they thrive when they have the space to witness and observe so that they can offer their objective, optimistic perspective. They are ever-evolving and their wisdom only grows deeper as they mature.

More Gifts of the 6 Profile…

  • Carrying an innate wisdom and inspiring trust in people.
  • Their ability to offer an objective, bird’s eye view on what’s happening and where things are going.
  • Being a living example of authenticity and inspiring others to step into their potential by living their truth so fully.
  • Teaching others the value of experiential wisdom of making mistakes, learning from them and letting them fuel their growth.
  • Reminding the world that life is meant to keep getting better and better.

So if you have a 6 in your profile, honor the season you’re in. You may be in a time of experimentation and hands-on learning, or a time of embodiment and sharing. Your job is to honor wherever it is you are, trusting there is value in each season.


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