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The Fear Gates in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Did you know that in human design, there are 7 gates that correspond to certain fears that can show up in our lives? Knowing the specific fears that show up in our design can help us bust through the fear when it shows up, rather than get lost in it.

The fear gates are the 7 gates around the spleen (the triangle shape on the left side of your chart — see the diagram below): gates 48, 57, 44, 50, 32, 28, and 18. They are present in your design if you have the gate activated, meaning it’s colored in and not white. Let’s explore each of these gates…

Gate 48

This is the fear of inadequacy and not having enough depth.

On the other side of this fear is unending depth and a powerful potential for mastery when you decide to push through the fear and have the courage to take the first step.

Gate 57

This is the fear of the future and the unknown.

On the other side of this fear is an intuitive sense around what’s happening in the present moment that can help you navigate the unknown and move through any uncertainty you feel about the road ahead.

Gate 44

This is the fear that past baggage will catch up with you and that you will repeat mistakes.

On the other side of this fear is an ability to spot patterns from the past, so you and others don’t have to repeat past mistakes.

Gate 50

This is the fear of taking on too much responsibility.

On the other side of this fear is a powerful intuitive knowing and discernment around the right responsibilities and commitments to take on.

Gate 32

This is the fear of failure.

On the other side of this fear is an instinct for knowing what will sustainably work and what may not work, i.e., a nose for success and failure.

Gate 28

This is the fear of not finding your purpose or something worth fighting for.

On the other side of this fear is an instinct for what’s worth the fight and which risks are worth taking.

Gate 18

This is the fear of authority or challenging authority.

On the other side of this fear is an instinct for what can be fixed and made better in the world around you.

And that is just a taste of all we can learn about ourselves through our gates and channels. And as a reminder, even if certain fears are present in our design, they are never meant to guide our decisions.

If you feel inspired to dive into all the channels, gates and relevant pieces around them (fear gates, emotional waves, circuitry), we have an in-depth class that digs into all of this here.


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